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Broken Feather Throwing Knife - Angel Fire Knives --- This would be an awesome idea for Misha's knives

Scottish Dirk Blue Stone Celtic Dagger Blade Knife NEW

Celtic knife - I like the Celtic hilt design, and I like the narrow, straight design. People could wear these on chains around their necks in one of my stories.

pinterest.com/fra411 #knive - "The Custom Knifemaking  Knife Engraving of Julie Warenski-Erickson"

What an absolutely stunning 'Ladies' knife. "The Custom Knifemaking & Knife Engraving of Julie Warenski-Erickson"

Futuristic Ninja Sword Full Tang

This sword is light and easy to swing. it's blade can dismember foes easily. The blade also looks nice

sword or dagger?

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Japanese Naginata: Basically, it's a massive Knife of a Stick! This style was originally designed to disembowel horses in cases of mounted calvary assault. Longer versions were the primary weapon of female samurai!

This two-handed scimitar seems very powerful, even a normal scimitar is very dangerous and swift. This gives you that extra range to hit something and you could get more power behind your slash due to it being two-handed.

Blades of Glory - Picmia

Celtic Leafblade triple fullered and tapered broad blade outfitted in antiqued bronze, birch and bone. And it looks like sting.

Keir's trusty knife/dagger

Viking style Dagger by accomplished smith and knife maker Rob Hudson >> I couldn't find this knife at the link or anywhere online but it's pretty.

Egyptian Kopesh sword (Bek's weapon of choice). Give it a black handle and that's what his sword looks like.

Egiptian (yes I spelled it with an "I" intentionally) Khopesh. Always have had an affinity for this design. This one in particular has a few extra tactical design advantages not found on most typical Khopesh historically.

Viking-inspired knife:  Steel and rought iron core, carved antler handle. Tiaan Burger Bladesmith

Very cool shop forged hearth steel knife with antler blade. See it from start to finish.