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Jade Harley my girl

jades dream bot

Jade Harley my girl


Картинка с тегом «homestuck, gamzee makara, and karkat vantas


Картинка с тегом «homestuck, vriska serket, and terezi pyrope

Amazing HS AU

This is the coolest AU.

Jade Harley

love the braid, Jade!

Grimdark Rose

Grimdark Rose

John asking Vriska for a dance.


Everyone loves jade Harley

Look so innocent but yet again she isn't  -shakes head-  No one is innocent anymore

I haven't gotten to the post-scratch trolls but I love them all anyway

#homestuck #eridan #ampora   i would do anything to have cool hair and clothes like eridan

This is a fabulous Eridan Ampora

Feferi Peixes from Homestuck

Read Feferi from the story Homestuck Sexcanons by Fanfictato with reads. Feferi can't pass up a good opportunity to.


Alpha Kids by ikimaru //La hermosa Ikimaru a hecho de las suyas con esto tan…

Maid of Space

-made of space- // porrim

Lalonde selfiess 8’) with John and Kanaya photobombing lmao

Lalondes with a background of John and humanstuck Kanaya

whostuck - Google Search

Sollux would be an awesome companion.// Can these two just hijack the TARDIS? With Sollux's knowledge of alien programming and Aradia's time powers? And could the Doctor and Jack (via Jack's vortex manipulator) pursue them?