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'They're going to kill me.' 'I am not going to let that happen.' Oh, how I love Tris and Four.

Tobias was devastated when he found out about Tris. But he knew that it wasn't her fault she got shot. Tris died when she was trying to get the memory serum. Once she got the memory serum, her and Tobias would both go inside the city and reset everyone's memory, and try to get the city of peace they had always wanted. This improves my understanding because it lets me know that Tris didn't want to leave Tobias, so she wasn't killed on purpose.

Divergent – Insurgent – Allegiant – Theo James – Tobias Eaton - Four - Shailene Woodley - Tris

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Diverge- to move lie or extend in different directions from a common point branch off.

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Divergent and Hunger Games Crossover

By Katniss Rachel Mellark "I love Avicii and books so why not" https://seniorsource.com/

By Katniss Rachel Mellark "I love Avicii and books so why not" divergent and the hunger games

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Like a bed of nails. Gotta love Tris and Tobias.

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First look at the Prior Family in ‘Divergent’ Film

Ansel Elgort, who plays Caleb Prior in the movie, shared this shot of his onscreen family: Tony Goldwyn as Mr. Prior, Ashley Judd as Mrs. Prior, and Shailene

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Divergent (Seriously one of the best parts in the movie!


Tris, tobias, caleb, eric (who i.

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Will and Al need to switch. I would rather look at the guy who currently plays Al's face for the entire movie than the guy who plays Will. I think that Peter and al need to switch. Except peter has to act like al

Su sonrisa lo delata...! #VoteTris @Tobi4s_Eaton @Tris_6Prior pic.twitter.com/mRV1SXlIpV

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Divergent - Gah, they miss so much and change so much in the movie. xP This is the conversation in the book, they change it for the movie.

I just couldn't believe it! I was waiting for some miracle to to happen and she would come back to life, then the epilogue started.

When I finished Allegiant: "Veronica, I think you have a typo." She forgot how to spell "and they lived happily ever after" ~Divergent ~ Insurgent ~ Allegiant ~

Loved this part in the book! I was upset when Tris didn't save Tobias from Marcus in his fear landscape of the movie. But I loved it in the book