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Ten Ways To Cheat Life.this is worth it's weight in gold if number 10 works

1000 Life Hacks by annabelle

1000 Life Hacks yet another reason to NOT wear yellow and always wear green!

30 awesome life hacks for staying happy, healthy & fit | HellaWella #DreamfieldsPinterestContest

Staying healthy isn\& always easy — which is why we\& constantly looking for simple solutions and quick tricks to better both our bodies and minds. These 30 life hacks fit the bill.

Pinterest Potential!

How to Save Flip-Flops with Split Holes. Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes.

To think, all these years I was winging it!

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Great life hacks

nice Useful Life Hacks Part 2 « The Bored Ninja – Fun, Interesting, and Cool Stuff.

How convenient! I wish I knew about this when I had a stove that didn't have a clock/timer on it!

hilariously it works! ^_^ nice loud beep that I can adjust with my volume as needed.