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PurpleAlmonds • Forgot to post these. Here’s a Calamus, Alula, and...


*faint sounds of sobbing in the distance* I literally lost it when they died in the solstice update.

OneShot  tumblr_oj3w9tUFAU1vtog4no1_1280.png (1280×720)

OneShot tumblr_oj3w9tUFAU1vtog4no1_1280.png (1280×720)

666 whole pancakes... 666

666 whole pancakes. 666 Still crying because this game.

alula_by_medori-db6if07.jpg (228×350)

Watercolor fanart of Alula from the game OneShot I really like her design - fun to draw! Also OneShot is such a great game.



Maker Game, Rpg Maker, Evie, Steven Universe, Sadness

One Shot - Character Set 1 by YAMsgarden

One Shot - Character Set 1 by YAMsgarden