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Hada Un hada (del latín fatum: hado, destino) es una criatura fantástica y sutil. En la mitología griega y romana las llaman Hados, pero generalmente en forma de mujer hermosa con alas; que según la tradición son protectoras de la naturaleza, producto de la imaginación, la tradición o las creencias y perteneciente a ese fabuloso mundo de los elfos, gnomos, duendes, sirenas y gigantes que da color a las leyendas y mitologías de todos los pueblos antiguos

Items similar to Moonlit Water Large 16x20 Print by Fairy Artist Julie Fain on Etsy

Items similar to Moonlit Water Large Print by Fairy Artist Julie Fain on Etsy


The Moon The fairy poet takes a sheet Of moonbeam, silver white; His ink is dew from daisies sweet, His pen a point of light.Painting by Asako Equchi.

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The Night Fairy overlooks the dark water. She brings the blue and purple glow that insures restful sleep and beautiful, prophetic dreams. We all love her deeply. ~ What a beautiful fable ♥

There are 3 girls that are fairys playing instruments up and down a hill.

I always like to think the fairies are more active under the enchantment of a full moon. This loveli pic is by artist Liza Lambertini

Cool idea for a night light

Cool idea for a night light

*this is beautiful :-)

fantasy-art-imagination: (via …When two moons rise… by =iluviar on deviantART)

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Order = Even though it's a fantasy world it's based on the natural world - a place that has been untouched by man - which suggests that it is order. Disorder = since its a fantasy world that doesn't e (Beauty Art)