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Wow, I was thinking who's the chick with Big Bang, then I realized it was Taeyang.

These are grown up men, idols and role models.. lmao gd and top just don't give a poopXD i love them so much<3

Big Bang putting their faces in copiers😜

Lindooss ♥

[Left to the Right] tired Buffalo, tired Panda, arrogant *but handsome* Bear, really really tired Squirrel, n smiling one line Lion ㅋㅋㅋ

letstalkaboutseungrispecs: “ This pic makes me so happy :’) ”

BigBang at MADE looks like a happy family

Since their debut in 2006, BIGBANG has shot to fame in a meteoric rise as one of the most successful Asian music groups of all time. With all this success, it’s hard to believe the members’ humble — and sometimes surprising — origin stories. See how it all began with the documentary series BIGBANG: The Beginning on DramaFever

Since their debut in BIGBANG has shot to fame in a meteoric rise as one of…


Taeyang going straight for the jugular

=))) no word

=))) no word


Fanart Seungri Big Bang daesung taeyang t.p g-dragon bigbang vip

Big Bang

BigBang drinking a Milk Shake.

G Dragon and T.O.P ~ OMG I am the same height as T.O.P least GD would a place to rest his head. LOL

gtop (g-dragon + t.p) [bigbang] // icon

BIGBANG x anan Magazine Japan (March 2016) {HQ}© auhcesined | WALLPAPER/LOGO REMOVED

BIGBANG announced that they are coming to Hawai'i at the Neal Blaisdell Center.

Look at them...I love them so much

Look at them...I love them so much

alright how long till the sherlock fandom gets here???? <---- GRAVITY YOU BITCH YOU ARE THE ONE WHO TOOK SHERLOCK AWAY FROM US!!!!!!!!!!  Answer to your question: not long at all.

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Quotes: Ah gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.

I'm Bernadette in this scene. I like the Wii and really nothing else but my best friends PS2. He has Rock Band. I come over and play it.

One of the best moments in The Big Bang Theory history."Obrigada vovó"me senti velha agora.

Every T-Shirt Sheldon Cooper Has Ever Worn In The #BigBangTheory

Every T-Shirt Sheldon Cooper Has Ever Worn In The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper Presents, Fun With Tees. RIPT Apparel Graphic Tees has put together every tee that Sheldon Cooper has worn through Season Episode 7 in a fun infographic.