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Maja Designs, "O-Symmetry"  Sterling, bronze and steel. Oxidized, Textured 3.25" x 3" x 20" $625  Fabricated in sterling and more, Maja’s designs are small sculptural studies. The pieces are architectural and industrial, strong and feminine, dark and light, textured and smooth, elegant and edgy. Self-taught and curious she has developed techniques and a style that serve her well in the highly competitive world of modern art jewelry.

Maja Designs, "O-Symmetry" Sterling, bronze and steel.

The massive, dense clouds of gas and dust in space that make up a nebula is the place where stars are born. Using silver, shibuichi, bronze, copper, nickel, red brass and stalactite slices, metalsmith Victoria Altepeter interprets this special place in our universe with her new series Nebulae. - See more at: http://www.dailyartmuse.com/2010/02/10/victoria-altepeters-nebulae-star-born/#sthash.cpJtKIOr.dpuf

victoria altepeter’s nebulae: a star is born

Gathering rain pebble brooch (Helena Emmans)

'Gathering rain' pebble brooch by Skye jeweller Helena Emmans

Fantana Necklace by Christy Klug: Silver Necklace available at www.artfulhome.com

Fantana Necklace by Christy Klug (Silver Necklace

Fantana Necklace by Christy Klug. This mesmerizing sterling silver pendant has a brushed finish that brings out the gleaming beauty of its pierced, hand-textured surface. Sterling silver coil chain with friction clasp is 16

Jenny Reeves .......silver, gold

Jenny Reeves .......silver, gold

Beth's Pendant | Tom McCarthy  ~  sterling, concrete, steel, diamond, ebony, paint, rust and ink

another piece from artist, Tom McCarthy.

Necklace | Jaesun Won.  Oxidized sterling silver, 14k yellow gold, diamond

Pendant by Lona Northener

by Andrea Williams of boundearth. Starry Night Pendant: The inspiration for this body of work was born out of my earliest memories of the night sky. I collect these stones on a beach close to my childhood home in Maine. I inlay the stones with reclaimed precious metals and lab grown white sapphires to create a wearable vision of a clear night sky.

Contemporary Jewelry Design by Andrea Williams: Starry Night Pendant:

Sea Glass Jewelry Sterling Rare Dark Gray Sea by SignetureLine

Sea Glass Jewelry - Sterling Rare Dark Gray Sea Glass Necklace

Sea Glass Jewelry Sterling Rare Dark Gray Sea by SignetureLine

by Charlotte Fontaine

by Charlotte Fontaine

roger rimel jewelry...wonderful textural surfaces.

Neckpiece with jade Roger Rimel

Remnants & Relics by Leonie Westbrook

Undercut - Brooch by Leonie Westbrook - AU

Ginko leaf sterling silver pendant. by SetzerSilverDesign on Etsy, $135.00

Ginko leaf sterling silver pendant

Items similar to Ginko leaf sterling silver pendant.

Handmade Silver and Copper Harvest  Dangle by inTheSilverRoom, £95.00

Silver and Copper Harvest Dangle Earrings

Beautiful, totally original and handmade silver harvest earrings with warm copper accents part of my harvest collecton featuring contrasting

Victoria Altepeter

Victoria Altepeter

Кулон-солнце tetatetka

Treasury of True Fairy # Metal jewerly. by Anna True Fairy on Etsy