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His Batman shirt ! XD I just can imagine him asking me can I be your Batman?

That's so cute and way to close to something I'd do with my friends at walmart.. why cant they be my friends?

This is Zachariah (on the left but just pretend that he's there instead), and his best friend Mike playing with lightsabers in ToysRus.


When people ask who my crush is. i should probably say the same thing - Jessi

((Bip)) Riley is a genderfluid 18 year old with a strange knowledge of random facts. They grabbed a blanket (they're always cold), an extra pair of glasses, a canvas bag, a sketchbook, and colored pencils.

Love the blues transitioning to turquoise in this undercut of this undercut. I'm sure this would work for male & females - awesome hairstyles and one I'd love to try.