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La madre con sus cachorros!

funnywildlife: Cheetah Family, Masai Mara, Kenya by Stephen Oachs Nature Photography

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The Cheetah is the fastest land animal, reaching a top speed of 70 mph! The Cheetah run for short sprints of up to 300 yards. These sprints will usually last for 20 seconds, but rarely ever reach a full minute.

Cheetah - I love the colors!

An African folk tale says the black stripes on a cheetah's face are tears; they cry because they are not like other big cats. (Nope, they're not --- Cheetahs are the fastest! So, no need for tears, pal.

Cheetah family

Cheetah mother and her cubs photographed a late afternoon at Masai Mara, Kenyaby Andrea Marzorati. Beautiful Creatures of Nature. Out of africa. Living on the wild side.


Sibling Squash Photograph by Gus Mills (via Pictures: Cheetahs of the Kalahari — National Geographic)