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Los rebeldes celebran el triunfo de la revolución el 4 de enero de 1959.

El líder cubano Fidel Castro reapareció públicamente en su cumpleaños número 90

In 1956 the Castro brothers and Guevara returned to Cuba to launch a revolution. They succeeded in overthrowing President Fulgencio Batista in

Iron work by the Castro Brothers. Stone Art epoxy resin top by CR Stone Art.

Iron work by the Castro Brothers. Stone Art epoxy resin top by CR Stone Art.

Over the last five years, the Castro Brothers have carefully groomed a cadre of would-be successors. Even after El Comandante is dead, El Comandante will live a long time.

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12 Hidden Gems In San Francisco Most People Don't Know Even Exist

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President Barack Obama is more popular among Cubans than either of the Castro brothers, according to a new poll secretly conducted on the island last month.

Fabiola Santiago: Cuba poll results bolster president’s case for engagement

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another one of my very long comic strips filled with cheap jokes Also, I got lazy coloring so. Anyway, I'm not really sure if Talia is still funding Jason but i have a feeling she st.

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Candy outweighs torture every time Jason, Tim, and Dick (c) DC New Addition- Change of Plans

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Damian is a Pretty Boy by Microbluefish on DeviantArt:Bwahahahaha! Oh my gosh,someone get some ice for that burn! Go Timmy!

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"I'd like to confess.I discovered that I really like killing." Ernesto Che Guevara, Total Cuban Men, Women, and Children Executed without Trial Under Che and the Castro brothers during the "Revolution:" Murder Executions

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Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) because I felt like it. Batman belongs to DC comics…