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The different types of Neurons and their anatomy.different parts of the neurons we work on in lecture.

Figure Structure of typical mammalian neurons - Molecular Cell Biology - NCBI Bookshelf

GUILLIAN BARRRE' SYNDROME  Clinical Presentation

Definition Guillain-Barre syndrome is a postinfectious polyneuropathy involving mainly motor but sometimes also sensory and autonomic nerves.

Great Layout of Aphasia Types

Great Layout of Aphasia Types

Neuro Neuro Neuro... thank god for pictures like this so I can understand. - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins # Pin++ for Pinterest # concussions in kids, concussion care

(Left Brain Map) Have a hard time remembering which side and location of the brain affects which function? This "brain map" maps it out for you!

Decorticate vs decerebrate posturing--

Decorticate vs decerebrate posturing--helpful in neuro. Those are burning more calories, so need NG tube. Decerebrate posturing is worst.

Indirect spinothalamic pathways. These pathways mediate the affective and arousal components of pain, temperature, and simple tactile sensations. (A) The ascending axons in the paleothalamic tract synapse in the brainstem reticular formation and neurons in midline and intralaminar thalamic nuclei, which then project diffusely to the cerebral cortex including the cingulate gyrus. (B) In the spinoreticular tract, one group of ascending axons projects to the medullary reticular formation, and…

Indirect spinothalamic pathways: these pathways mediate the affective and arousal components of pain, temperature, and simple tactile sensations

Neurogenic Shock

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Neuro Nursing

Lecture Notes on Neurologic NursingPrepared By: Mark Fredderick R Abejo R.N, MAN Clinical Instructor …

hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke made easy | Nursing 355 > Dudley/hattaway > Flashcards > Mobility, Documentation ...

Study online flashcards and notes for Mobility, Documentation, Nursing Process, Hypertension, CVA including Fowler& Position : Client lies supine with the head of the bed elevated knees may be slightly elevated about This allows for better che