Quién es Saccstry?. Saccstry, es una joven con 20 años, a esta corta edad realiza un trabajo fantástico de ilustración en una pequeña ciudad dentro de los EEUU. Se pasa el tiempo dibujando y dentro de su mundo, un mundo, donde aparecen de forma...

El ''oscuro'' arte de Saccstry. - Imágenes

Not entirely happy with it, I can’t get her face to look symmetrical no matter how hard I tryyyy ; But it’s Friday my art posting day so I gotta post it.

Ilustración digital de Saccstry1

Saccstry is a 22 year old American artist who "likes to destroy pretty things." Her art style is like if you put some gore, space, nature, and kawaii girls

El ''oscuro'' arte de Saccstry. - Taringa!

El ''oscuro'' arte de Saccstry.

Day Insects I drew the outlines a while ago but colored it today. Inspiration for the guro challenge is back yaay. EDIT: lightened the colors to better fit with the rest of the days

Meninices da Vida

Meninices da Vida

saccstry: “ I really wanna do that Emofuri thing but it looks so hard and I’m so…


Silka wearing a shirt with herself on it hehe. My shirts will be open for preorder on :D