Lobos Negros Creatura hermosa

I've not seen a wolf with this dark coloring - Nice. Post your best Foxes,coyotes,and Wolf pictures - Canon Digital Photography Forums

Let Me. Be. Save the Wolves...ehh..dogs.

(11+) Dogs that Look Like Wolves

Graham, maschio di dogwolf x lupo grigio della tundra (Nera x Grrr)

If I had a wolf it would look like this one! What is it about black wolves that make them so pretty?

Ambassador Wolf Lucien of Ironwood Wolves, Black Wolf. Kind of looks like Kira.

Black wolf with beautiful blue eyes

Black Wolf with blue eyes, is there such an wolf, beautiful anyway. I had a blue eyed wolf. He was wonderful.

Beautiful #Black #Wolf

winter wolf, my dog Tasha again, isn't she beautiful. She has a big heart to go with her size.

50 Breathtaking and Heart warming Portraits Of Wild Animals

50 Breathtaking and Heart warming Portraits Of Wild Animals

My favorite animal, Wolfs. Such a beautiful animal!

Good for Your Home, Good for Ours

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wolves on

It was a sensational moment to get close to the wolves, in Northern Norway. Amazing creatures, especially in the wild. This one is one of the younger ones.


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