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I want a different style lighthouse but all the other stuff is so perfect! I was a sea turtle somewhere in there too

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Iluminar o caminho quando eu me perder, trazer a luz que fará florescer os encantos que a natureza me traz quando eu não enxergar. Essa é minha ideia para essa tattoo.

beautiful tat idea (change the light house though to the Cape Hatteras, the birds to goldfinches and the flower to dogwoods)

traditional tattoos: 25 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

A record player, roses, traditional tattoo style illustration. perfect gaslight anthem tattoo: add "And I met you between the wax and the needle, in the words of my favorite song" to it.

Octopus And Anchor Drawing Tumblr octopus & anchor idea- would be incorporated with nautical

Octopus & anchor idea- would be incorporated with nautical compass, forget me nots, state of AK & Hawaiian islands.

Lighthouse Tattoo Outline | It could be a nice tattoo! #anchor #lighthouse #tattoo

I would like this without the wording in the wheel and add a beam of light to surround the tattoo I have of my sons name. He& my guiding light.

art cute animal tattoo underwater watercolor Octopus color squid tattoo art linework watercolor tattoo sea creature

water color octopus - i dont like octopus for tattoos, but the coloring on this is sooooo pretty! I love the octopus!