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El primer hotel flotante en París - Grupo Milenio

If you want a truly unique experience, stay on this floating hotel in Paris, France that's been dubbed their first "floatel.

"Capilla de Marmol" - Patagonia Chilena    Reserva Nacional Cavernas de Marmol - Lago General Carrera    Carretera Austral

In Patagonia, South America, General Carrera Lake is shared by Argentina and Chile. But on the Chilean side of the beautiful emerald-green to turquoise-blue waters, there are breathtakingly beautif…

Thinking about exploring the Greek Isles? If not, maybe you should, and check out the other 9 destinations we labeled "trips of a lifetime":

Vacation Bucket List: The Top 10 Trips of a Lifetime

Merck Forest & Farmland Center, Rupert, VT.  I walked the trails with my dogs.

Merck Forest & Farmland Center, Rupert, VT - Our heavenly home backs up to Merck Forest - This is where my heart and soul belong!

Huntington Beach, CA Beach Cam

Huntington Beach Pier North Cam and Surf report. Watch the live Huntington Beach surf cam now!

5 Things That Can Only Be Found in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

5 Things That Can Only Be Found in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Miner’s Castle ~ Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, on the shore of Lake Superior, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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HE MALDIVES The crystal clear water surrounding these small coral islands enclosed by a shallow lagoon in the middle of the Indian Ocean is famous. Pair that with white sand and you've got the most gorgeous blue water ever known to man.

U.S. National Parks You Didn’t Know You Needed to See

National Parks have become a popular escape. They bring a unique variety of gorgeous landscapes, various wildlife, adventure sports, and incredible scenery.