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Imagen de homestuck

Ugly Christmas sweaters get me every time. Especially when the homestuck trolls are in them -w-

The lifespans of trolls vary proportionately to their positions on the hemospectrum.... OW! My heart... Poor Equis... Poor Gamzee... Poor everyone...

The lifespans of trolls vary proportionately to their positions on the hemospectrum. <---- This is wrong though, because Gamzee should be the third to last to die because of how high his blood is. It's higher than Equis'

eridan why <--- To be the prince of soap obviously

eridan why <--- To be the prince of soap obviously<< who is this prince of hope you speak of? No no, the only prince here is that of soap.

its all the humastuck versions...i find it perfect.

Ohhh, these are basically my Humanstuck headcanons! The only difference is Sollux and Kanaya are dark-haired and Nepeta is blond.

the_great_fandom_war_by_dplover25-d4r9qv2.png (293×2723)

ABOUT HOMESTUCK <--- I don't watch Homestuck but this is gold<----I read Homestuck sort of, and the fandom is almost better than the comic


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I ship Tavros and Gamzee so much! I just want them to someone reunite and go into the red quadrant!

.....Eridan without glasses is just Cronus dressed as eridan with out the scar and different hair........

Eridan Ampora: The one that is hated by all his 'friends' and I don't yet know why. *---* Eridan Ampora: the one who gossips with karkat, loved feferi, and had tried to make a plan to save them all (even though we all know it wouldn't have worked)

Feferi Peixes from Homestuck

Read Feferi from the story Homestuck Sexcanons by Fanfictato with reads. Feferi can't pass up a good opportunity to.