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Dile adiós a las arrugas. Milagrosa crema casera.

Dile adiós a las arrugas. Milagrosa crema casera.

your purrrfect just the way you are

Funny pictures about Group hug! Oh, and cool pics about Group hug! Also, Group hug!

Sharing an umbrella with Kitty, sweet http://www.mainecoonguide.com/characteristics/

How To Tell If A Kitten Is A Maine Coon

little girl with yellow boots and umbrella keeping cat dry

PebblePaw (Left, Tabby, mentor WhisperWhisker) FawnPaw (Right , she-cat, mentor CinderWing) of MouseClan

The Abyssinian cat breed. Information and pictures of Abyssinian cats and Abyssinian kittens. Advice on cat care and cat protection.


27 Before And After Cat Photos That Prove They’re Always Kittens At Heart

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Can't Touch This

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Precious !#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Good night Mom and Dad, sweet dreams, sleep tight, nighty night, I love you.

Bengal Kitten. Oh my gosh!!

Aww it's so cute ! Little Bengal kitten caught breaking out at night - (Nuts, you're supposed to be asleep)

hugs are a very good thing

Infertility Explained By 33 Impossibly Adorable Cats

Our pet family can give us hugs that nourish as much as hugs from friends. A hug is a hug.is a hug.and our pet friends too.

Hen Sitting on Kittens. What a shock this morning I went out to collect eggs for breakfast. Since, Henrietta had the kittens, did Catriona have the eggs?

Hen Sitting on Kittens

We had a hen who did this also. From the time the kittens were born, she would sit on them and keep them warm while the mother was out hunting, and then they'd trade places while the hen ate so the cat could feed her kittens.


View bigger - Kitten Water Reflection Live W for Android screenshot

Pretty kitty

Beautiful Siberian Cat = I have a beautiful Ragdoll, but this is the kind I want next or a Maine Coon or Norwegian` .