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Just A Spoonful of Hammy helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way!

My Baby Dwarf Hamster Houdini - Cutest Paw

Projecte els hàmsters 1 r ESCOLA NOVA

Amazing Animals Close Up


I think that hamsters are such cute animals. I came across some funny hamster pictures on .

Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster. It's a Pascal.

About Winter White Hamster: Types (Syrian Hamster, Dwarf Russian Hamster, Dwarf Champbell Russian Hamster) Care, And Food Listing

Bunnies in jumpers!

Funny pictures about Bunnies in sweaters. Oh, and cool pics about Bunnies in sweaters. Also, Bunnies in sweaters.

ぴっぴさんはTwitterを使っています: "空も飛べそうなハムスター"

ぴっぴ on

ぴっぴさんはTwitterを使っています: "空も飛べそうなハムスター"

So cute I'm gonna die!!

So cute I'm gonna die!


Hamster escaped & found him in the popcorn bowl.

Fluffiness  you just can't resist

syrian teddy bear hamster - I recommend anyone getting a Hammy for your home. they are so wonderful as pets. Totally endearing and if you pick them up everyday, the get used to you. Soon they will crawl into your hand all by themselves!

¡Hamster! #hamsters

¡Hamster! #hamsters

Fieldmouse #aufemininlatribu

The harvest mouse isnt just the smallest British rodent, its also the only one to have a prehensile tail!

Russian Dwarf Hamster in sharks mouth!!  :0)

Russian Dwarf Hamster in sharks mouth! don don dooooon :)

a baby hamster stuck in a shot glass

A baby hamster stuck in a shot glass!

baby hamster stuck in a shot glass

Dwarf hamster

these are so stubborn trust me i have one

Hamster!!!!! • Khilendel

Aawwww, so litle and cute hamster!

I'm confused. It has a tail, but this definetly is not a #mouse. #hamster #hamsters

Doesn't matter, had sex - WinFail Picture