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Mejor negociar que pleitear . El Norte de castilla

Mejor negociar que pleitear . El Norte de castilla

How To Be A Positive Thinker

You can learn to find the bright side and stay positive, avoiding negativity in your life.

Even Tom Hiddleston’s Joke Is Blushing…

I laughed too hard at this.Tom Hiddleston tells an offensive joke. SO CLASSY. That is the least offensive offensive joke I have ever heard. What a cutie.

the fault in our stars by ed-ingle, via Flickr

"You are going to live a good and long life filled with great and terrible moments that you cannot even imagine yet.Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)


Why We Need Epistemology to Understand Knowledge


To know a person is to understand him/ her. We were not created to judge but to adjust and blend in .

My grandmother, my aunts, and I are all INFJs. Very interesting!Image detail for -INFJ - My ' Myers-Briggs' Personality Type

arte acentuação (Foto: Divulgação)

Freedom of speech essay papers samples It is a right that should be practiced everywhere in the world, yet some countries in the world don’t. People must live in fear and be afraid to say anything.

Síganme como Dayanna 2502 por favor , nada les cuesta es solo un click y ¡Listo! .

Síganme como Dayanna 2502 por favor , nada les cuesta es solo un click y ¡Listo! .

I rule the stars.

More or less saying your life is how you make/live it. Your destiny in your hands.but do not ignore destiny helpers along the way // my mistakes belong entirely to me and you can't take them away from me

Las 4 P'S vs 4 C'S del #MarketingDigital #Infografía

Las 4 P’s del marketing tradicional vs. las 4 C’s del marketing digital

Home Prayer

HOME BLESSING PRAYER Parchment Book of Shadows BOS Page or Poster CHC

What we believe we become

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter: Would you like a little more tea? Alice: Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more. March Hare: Ah, you mean you can't very well take less. Mad Hatter: Yes. You can always take more than nothing.

50-10 Rule! 50 minutes of work and a 10 minute study break. Repeat. Works for finals and midterm season :)

Yeah, but that would be the responsible way to study. I prefer to cram as much info in the ten mins before the test ;just sayin' Maximo rendimiento del estudio es estudiar minutos y descansa min

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