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Michael Jackson was definitely a man and still is. I miss that man a lot. Best Man In The World Ever award going to Michael Jackson

My sweet baby didn't bleach his skin those of u who believe he did believe lies

Its a thing guys. u dont have to just assume he "bleached" his… – Home Treatments Vitiligo

I feel the same way Katherine

I lost my mother and my father but when I lost Michael I lost everything - Kandra Kasey😔


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Please Read!!!  Okay So I don't get WHY even people make this!!!! I can meet Like 100 people who like JB and I won't judge them,why would I judge them?! Just for a little fight?! No!!! Okay,The reason I hate people who make these is because THEY know that there will ONLY BE 1 MICHAEL JACKSON!!! And there is NEVER EVER GONNA BE ANOTHER KING OF POP!!! Like people are SOOO F**king St*pid,Why are they comparing a Person to the King of Feaking Pop?!?! You can Hate me all you want just for these…

Lol the like button is gone I hate Justin. I do wish people would stop comparing them, Michael's clearly better.

Always me. I always have had to keep a goody two shoes rep for teachers.  Just in case I got in trouble, because then they'd let me off the hook. hahaha >=}

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Stuff You Might Not Have Known About Michael Jackson

It was a sad day when the King Of Pop died – whatever your theory about his death someone very talented and ground-breaking in the music industry passed. Here are 15 things you didn’t know about Michael Jackson.

What´s your MJ music video birthday? Please comment!!!

What´s your MJ music video birthday? Mine is smooth criminal


Michael Jackson Jackson- Familie The Fight Begins For A Better World!