Los Dibujos de este tipo te parten la cabeza (Literalmente)

, born 1969 inTokyo, Japan), is a Japanese guro manga artist. He debuted in 1988 on the magazine COMIC BOX.

Shintaro Kago Funny Girl 85 original painting

Brand new original painting by Shintaro Kago of three happy dolphins bursting out of the head of a very surprised young girl.

Imágenes Bakan's De Creepypastas - Imágenes Culiaos Bv #1/?

Imágenes Stupidas De Creepypastas IIBook 1°II CONCLUIDO. - Imágenes Culiaos Bv #1/?

Dark Art, Creepy Art, Junji Ito, Inspiring Art, Random Pictures, Digital Art, Wallpaper, Illustration, Anime

Híbridos de animales frutas y vegetales

Sarah DeRemer - In her fun series called Animal Food, Sarah DeRemer cleverly combines food like fruits and vegetables with live animals to create delicious hybrids.

When do I escape this prison?

Mierda me estoy enamorando... - Cap 51 y siguen los problemas-parte 2

by Shintaro Kago

Brand new original watercolor painting by Shintaro Kago features a sweet young girl with her hair in pigtails. There is a geometric opening on the top of her head and two smaller versions of herself pop out like a little pagoda.