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I won my phone died ha well it was on so . what I killed Freddy uh o

Cinder: ..... You have to live with him? Sindy: ...Yep... He is my dad! Cinder:  I need to find the funtimes. Bye!

✏Traditional art, digital art,y Fanarts ✒ *No una soy una chica muy interesante * ̄ε  ̄ Soy\(*w*🎀)& ⚠Spanish Include⚠ Me gusta dibujar estupi.


Wow guys really i live in a haunted house and i dont care well i like the vince Everyone is like GHOSTS! And he is like Toast fight me (Favorite Meme Guys)

Aww.. Poor Freddy! *hugs him too and look's at Bonnie with an angry face*

DeviantArt: More Like Recovery by EverStarcatcher Aawwww poor Freddy

FNAF Foxy | but then your hand gets stuck and two weeks later you have a hook for a hand

I was playing Fnaf I saw foxy I closed the door in time I checked the other door it was jammed and I got jumpscared by Chica.