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¿Es realmente posible Reconocernos?

¿Es realmente posible Reconocernos?

"A NEW & ANCIENT STORY[…] a transition in civilization's defining stories that tell us who we are, how the world works, how change happens, how to live life, what is important, what is valuable, & what is real.[..] Each of us is on a journey away from the Story of Separation that runs the world as we have known it. We are moving toward a new story that is also very ancient: a story of Reunion, of ecology, of interconnectedness, of interbeing." With Charles Eisenstein's interviewing.

I'm in Paris now, preparing to speak tonight about climate change. It is a parallel venue, not mainstream, called Place 2 B, but even here I am afraid my

Where Children Sleep by James Mollison. Great portraits paired with the actual environment the kid sleep in. Kids from all over the world are featured. USA kids are the most over the top, by far.

Where children sleep

Where children sleep - "Indira, works at a local granite quarry. She lives with her family in a one-room house near Katmandu, Nepal.

High wire stunt man

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Beautiful Badrinath - Part 1

Beautiful Badrinath - Part 1

Sathya Sai Baba, Shiva, For The Home, Dots, Rivers, Hindus, River, Stitches, Lord Shiva

The Ritual and the Spiritual

Ritual and the Spiritual

6 Things You Thought Wrong About Introverts - If common stereotypes have anything to say on the matter, it's that introverts are socially awkward loners who abhor large crowds and don't like people very much. An introvert may not be a particularly friendly or happy person, but hey, at least they're smarter and more creative than the average extrovert.

6 Myths About Introverts To Stop Believing

6 Things You Thought About Introverts - Be sure to read the comments below the article as well. Some comical remarks about extroverts and some relatable comments by fellow introverts.

God has a sense of humor: Incidents with Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Rama Navami celebrations at Prasanthi

Prasanthi Diary - Chronicles of Heaven on Earth

Raw Sesame Seed Milk

DIY Raw Seeds Milk – Sunflower, Sesame, Chia, Hemp…

This represents my emotions in some ways like I'm happy when i'm with friendes, I'm nurvice to see new people. Upset when their is a test if some one anoyed me, and etc.

FEELINGS TREE --- Brain Science, Inside Out: A Hollywood primer on emotions, feelings, and behavior — with teachable moments for educators and parents

Count yourself blessed if a family member or a friend really wants to hear what it’s like to get off Tamoxifen, or to struggle with a recurrence, or to suffer with lymph swelling after surgery. But try to give them a break if they seem tone deaf to your song of woe, or if they seem unconcerned or if they avoid the health topics that now obsess you. Enjoy their company. Be grateful for what they do give. Try to forgive them when they fall short.

We’re Still Pals, Right? « Cancer

couldn't pin the video so dont pay attention to the pic pinned-----Intermission: Beatboxer Does Dubstep - Culture - GOOD