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Josephine Wall_Call of the Sea

Sea Witch:  #Sea #Witch ~ "Call of the Sea," by Josephine Wall.

Over Free Art wallpaper - Josephine Wall Fantasy Art Illustration - - 3 wallpaper in Dream Wallpaper.

Romance Readings (Full readings via phone)

Romance Readings (Full readings via phone)

True Love" Oracle Cards Whispers of Love par Josephine Wall and Angela Hartfield


Pisces by Josephine Wall February 20 Neptune rules Pisces. Those born under this sign have an affinity for the performing arts, music, writing…anything that allows them to dream and create a more beautiful world.

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Aquarius: sign of the Zodiac January 20 - February 18 Air Fixed Sign Ruling Planet: Uranus, and co-ruler Saturn

Signe du zodiac de Joséphine Wall

Beloved Aries - God of the Air Element

Moss Maiden by Josephine Wall  The beautiful Dryad lies sleeping amongst the violets with her hair flowing out to make a mossy carpet.  She is joined in her slumbers by two of her fairy friends who nestle peacefully amongst her tresses after a night of magic.

Moss Maiden by Josephine Wall


aquarius - Fantasy Paintings by Josephine Wall


Rainbow Fairy ~ This is one of my favorite fairy pictures.

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Butterfly Princess by Josephine Wall colorful art fantasy painting fairy watercolor josephine wall

mother earth.

Goddess Gaia caressing earth statues, Gaia blessing earth, mother goddess and Peace Goddess statue

The Official Josephine Wall

Portal to The forest

Sweet Repose by Josephine Wall

Sweet Repose by Josephine Wall

, Fantasy and the Magical

Josephine Wall - Creation Of Spring ¿es genial.

Josephine Wall

Reflections of Winter - Josephine Wall (born is a popular English fantasy artist.

Josephine Wall's Zodiac Series-Aquarius, My son Benjamin's Sign