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Welcome to the Supernatural fandom where we'll make you cry and drown in a puddle of your own feels!<<< woah I wrote that his is so great I feel so happy after this post. But the feels I can barely read this

I love this both Gabriel and Castiel having a chat about their father just like Sam and Dean would. What makes it better is that they are both in the impala.

The awesome parallel scene with Cas and Gabriel in the Impala. <<<oh Gabe and Balthazar. And Lucifer are my favorite SPN characters, though I loved souless Sam as well xD

If Dean met Jensen; and Castiel met Misha. Can we make this actually happen? The French Mistake II?

There's a lot of death on this show...that's a lot of destroyed coke bottles... but this person seriously needs to go sit in a corner and think about how words and actions can both hurt equally!

There's a lot of death on this show.that's a lot of destroyed coke bottles. THAT IS NOT FUNNY

Kevin Tran

There's a reason Kevin Tran was in Advanced Placement. This made me laugh out loud. reading is fundamental

A moose is a moose is a moose.

As funny as the whole "Sam is a moose" thing is, I was already DYING of laughter just from the fact that a moose just walked into a grocery store and was lured out with a single apple

Although technically Supernatural happened on Supernatural a fourth time at that convention.

If you count the convention, supernatural happened on supernatural four times<<< Supernatural happens in Supernatural so often it's.

Dun dun dun

f*ck. first real painting of the Devil is called The Winchester Psalter.<<<There is a city called Winchester and it's a city Kings and Priests

At the end of season 12, Mary uses iron rings to punch Lucifer.

SPN writers actually listen to the fans. Exorcisms on a loop, holy water guns.next up salt hula hoops! (In a spirit bottle)<<< GOOD IDEA

And next time on The Pit...Adam the waiter gets a name change

I read 'Supernatural' as a verb at first. Like Damn, you Supernatural. As in wow, you fangirling over this show super hard. then I realised he was cursing the show.