Shark Stuff 2 by on @deviantART

Shark Stuff 2 by on deviantART [ "So here are some more sketches of Vera and Noah. Mostly Vera though because I

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Valkari Reference 1 by the-Orator

I needed some good old video game therapy and played through all three Dragon Age games during my break. Though considering the majority of this dump is my rogue Inquisitor Dany Lavellan, I'd say I.


” As much as I would love to try different perspectives and stuff, I have absolutely no sense of depth.

Wolf Anatomy - Part 2 by *Autlaw on deviantART

I DO NOT DRAW LIKE THIS NOW. these are my old wolf anatomy sheets that i made idk HOW long ago and =hejthenerd persuaded me to upload them again any. old anatomy sheet