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Celestia,Queen of winter "One wrong spell, brought an endless snow and the queen's merry heart froze with guilt and sorrow" Helia's daughter, the Light of Power, was a playful and happy child. When she inherited the magic .

"What was found by the humble peasant when asked for help from the starry sky, the power to protect your people that started the House Butterfly." Based on the queen illustrated in the Star's Histo...

"With hunger and disease the Strange Queen has ended, Through the soups and spells she always defended " I'll summarize her story in topics: - Daughter of Skywynne, Queen of the Hours, Soupina had .

The first princesses of Mewni, daughters of Urania Butterfly. She would become queen at age Jokinna was the youngest.

Crecelia the Fairy

Crecelia the Fairy

Lee 2 de la historia Ship War por D34tH_UniC0rn con 7,406 lecturas. jarco, hija, futuro.

Ship War - 2

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Festivia the Fun - Biography by jgss0109

by Sirrrrrrrrrr Glossaryck. of Terms! - I am a "gardener writer," that is, things come up as I write. Festivia the Fun - Biography

I've been thinking, "Why not a tapestry of the Butterfly family tree?" I particularly enjoyed it! A mix between the show queens and my original characters. If the show gives us more information and...

"To Fairest Queen in all of Mewni, With A Colourful Personality she will Be" - Venus the Fairest-

Febe the Red One - Biography by jgss0109.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

by Sirrrrrrrrrr Glossaryck. of Terms! It took, but it arrived Some interesting things: - The beasts that attacked Mewni were inspired by the Beast of Gévaudan - The Mud.