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N // V

I wanted so hard to draw a creepypasta and finally you requested me, thank you v.

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Masky looks like he needs a big chair to dramatically turn around in and a cat to stroke evily while sinister music plays in the backround and Hoodie just looks like he needs a nap

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Imagen relacionada

Ticci Toby

[Doodle Ticci toby belong to: Kastoway Art by: Trostlosigkeit

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|Nick Vanill |  Albor by Cross-Hatch001

|Nick Vanill | Albor by Cross-Hatch001

Fan Laughing Jack Masky by Ashiva-K-I.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I'm so confused on what this means . Plz help me * Hugs Laughing Jack * <--- LJ gives you candy but Masky will kill you with the pills.

Resultado de imagen para nick vanill

Resultado de imagen para nick vanill