Salvador Dali in London with one of his paintings entitled 'The Madonna of Port Lligat', December

Salvador Dali Punk

34 Splendid Photos Of Salvador Dali Being Salvador Dali

Dali 1957 very evokative of punk decades circa 20 years after from an art & fashion representation of the master

Salvador Dalí and Yves Saint Laurent. Photo by Alécio De Andrade. What a fabulous portrait!

Salvador Dali and Francois-Marie Banier, Paris, photo by Alecio de Andrade. This is not a photo of the young Yves St Laurent with Dali, as most everyone seems to believe. via voxsart

Salvador Dali & Gala

El amor mágico de Gala y Dalí

A young Salvador Dali with Gala

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Salvador Dali looking all grown up and every bit the sophisticated gentleman in this 1968 photo by Liselotte Strelow.

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link

Dali and his Batman mask.if all you could see of batman's face was a chin, mouth and moustache, and that was the moustache.i'm just not sure people would have taken him seriously.

Disney & Dali

When Dalí met Disney

ARTIFACT ARCHIVE: Images relating to the Walt Disney/Salvador Dali collaborative animated film project, Destino.

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali i Domenech i Cusi, Marques de Pubol.

the great Salvador Dali - black & whites of the surrealist .

Salvador Dali, 1943 by  Eleanor Christie

Salvador Dali, 1943 by Eleanor Christie