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Últimamente han aparecido en el mercado una gran cantidad de productos muy costosos que aseguran el crecimiento de las pestañas, pero el mercado cosmético es una tina de tiburones capaces de decirnos cualquier cosa, con tal de vender. Debemos prestar atención a los recursos que la naturaleza nos da gratuitamente y

5 tratamientos naturales para el crecimiento de pestañas

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Das ist das schönste gemalte Auge was ich je gesehen habe - no idea what that says but the pic is pretty

How to Draw Eyes

How to Draw Eyes. At the end of the guide on eyes it shows how to draw lips, hair, & a nose.

6 Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Eyes

6 Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil For Your Eyes

Does the mention of castor oil conjure up old memories? Have you ever used castor oil for eyes? Here are the amazing benefits of this miraculous oil for you to know

Je vous propose cette recette de sérum de pousse naturel pour avoir des cils plus longs et épais en les faisant pousser plus rapidement

Comment faire pousser les cils plus rapidement avec cette recette

eyelash extensions- i loved it when i had them- you don't need eyeliner nor mascara- lasts about a month<-- if done correctly by a professional.

For those of you who follow OGT on Facebook, you might remember that I recently had an unfortunate experience with eyelash extensions. As in I had them applied and then after 72 hours of itching and burning, I had them removed. Apparently my eyes aren’t meant for long, luxurious fake eyelashes. Which really is a …

5 Natural Ways To Promote Long And Healthy Eyelashes