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Resultado de imagen para gif de len kagamine

Resultado de imagen para gif de len kagamine

(Open Rp. It's "The Mortal Instruments" be him). We were always together. Shoved into an Institute. He left his family and I was orphaned. We're best friends. But it felt different now. I see him out in the gardens and do to him. "Pondering your magnificent thoughts are we?" I ask sarcastically. "It is something us shadowhunters often dont do. It is fascinating to do sometimes" he chuckles and I smile(I'm Red Fairfox. You choose the shadowhunters name (not from books) it's TID time period)

This is actually Primo from katekyo hitman reborn~~Looks like Kagamine Len, but I'm not sure if it was su[[osed to be him.

Panda, bears twin. Hes always frogotten about so he's a little anti social and he is as sweet as his brother... He sat in the alley way like he usually did waiting for someone to come along and notice him. He then noticed a girl ( cheyenne) she was talking away to his twin brother. She looked over ans saw panda. " hey.. you loo lonely.. do u mind joing us." " s-sure" panda said overjoyed that he was finally noticed. He has a thing for cheyenne :3

purple eyes i lve anime people with purple and blue eyes i love anime people with all the color eyes

Even after a fight, they still look cool.

Nightcore - Rap God (Explicite but honestly, it's totally worth it to just see if your brain works quick enough to process it all! So COOL!