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Never forget that because of the Savior http://pinterest.com/pin/24066179233207582, someday all of us too will overcome death, with our eternal spirit being reunited with a perfect, glorified, and immortal body! “Death is conquered; man is free. Christ has won the victory.” This Easter, celebrate His life and discover all that’s possible because of Him http://facebook.com/pages/The-Lord-Jesus-Christ/173301249409767. PASS IT ON.

The 12 Days of Easter-Teaching the Easter Story. (Painting by Mormon/LDS artist, Dell Parson)

i love this picture it is so warrming to me that i know that he loves me sooo much

Other religions had suggested the thought of the nearness of God to man, but Jesus made the care of God for man like the solicitude of a loving father for the w

A family devotional for every day of Holy Week, leading up to Easter. I'm so glad I found this today! A day late, but better late than never. To keep it on my kiddos' level, we'll accompany each reading with a craft. Love it!

Jesus & Child, by Greg Olsen. Jesus loves all the little children. Jesus protect all children, especially those most in need of your help.

This too shall pass....We were never promised a pain or trouble free life. We were promised God will be with us and if we trust in Him and pray....it WILL pass. Our problems today are temporary, but if we give up and decide life is not worth living....that is forever. Call on God, he will give you strength to carry on.

LDS Plastic Hope on the Horizon Art Temple Recommend Holder - Greg Olsen Art - Everything Mormon


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36 of my favorite pictures of Jesus Christ. The Lord teaching at the table.

Jesus sitting at table (This pictures of Jesus and more can be found in the LDS Media Library)

by Greg Olsen                                                       …

Through His love we can begin our life anew ~~I Love the Bible and Jesus Christ, Christian Quotes and verses.