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Fan Ho, de Shanghai. Hong Kong fotografiada en la década de los 1950.

Hong Kong in the captured beautifully by teenager, Ho Fan, who arrived from Shanghai in

COURTESY FAN HO/MODERNBROOK GALLERY - Evocative montages by Fan Ho are on view at Modernbrook Gallery.

Known for poetic, radiant portraits of Hong Kong, photographer Fan Ho looks back at that lost world and brings current perspectives and technologies to.

Markus Hartel 4

New York street photography by Markus Hartel. Hartel presents award winning fine art contemporary black and white street photography in his galleries and has

The Rebel Otaku Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Yesterday - FAN HOhttp://www.fanhophotography.com/hong-kong-yesterday.html

Hong Kong's based gallery exploring Hong Kong identity through a strong photography program representing Ho Fan, Michael Wolf, Romain Jacquet-Lagreze, KC Kwan and more.

Lost In Central | Fan Ho

Ho created these new images by holding up two negatives into the light, finding a composition that he liked, and combining the negatives onto the scanner to digitize it.