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One punch man or ash?

One punch man or ash?

Breakdancing troopers.

storm troopers doing twister- why? instructions written by a storm trooper on how to play twister

If you played Mortal Kombat you'll get it

Love that he owns that hat as well, he's a man of many hats 👒 Video Game Meme, Mortal Kombat, Sub Zero, King Lao

Lego from the inside out  Mini Figure (©Lego) Hand sculpted interior anatomy by Jason Freeny

Anatomical LEGO Minifigure by Jason Freeny. for the docs kid. random-awesome-other-stuff

Star Wars #StarWars:

Fourth batch of my LEGO Star Wars Minifigs Collection. With this fourth display, I totalize 420 LEGO Star Wars Minifigs. - Also see display 01 - Also see display 02 - Also see display 03

Damn Archers!

Damn Archers

I used to be an adventurer like you.then I took an arrow to the knee. This is probably the funniest Skyrim post I have seen.


Someone please start producing washing machines, help me, you're my only hope