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Raising Happiness: Laughter lowers stress hormones & elevates feel-good beta-endorphins. © 2011 Christine Carter, Ph.D.

Tuesday Tip: Make Yourself Guffaw

Laughter lowers stress hormones (even the expectation of laughter can do this)

Mamãe usando a filhinha de apoio, adorável

Alex elle her daughter : The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience

Tambu is thrilled that she passed her entrance exam and is able to get an education at the mission. You make me giggle.


"The miracle of life- how can anyone say they are not babies before they are born? How can anyone even consider murdering these innocent angels through abortion? They are living, feeling, beautiful little people, and to deny them life is a crime.

mermaid-talesss: You’re beautiful. Believe me when I say you deserve happiness. Hang in there sunshine, I know you can do it.

13 months of sunshine.

Africa: a nomadic Beni Amer boy wears his hair in traditional mud-stiffened ringlets. This unique hairstyle goes back to ancient times, and can be seen practised among various tribes on the continent.