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This was one of the most read articles EVER on www.backstage.com.

26 Reasons You Didn't Get the Part. Can I make this mandatory reading before each show I cast?

HOW TO CRY IN 10 SECONDS / ACTING TIP | JENNA LARSON this is a great technique, it works every time for me.

Acting tips for movie enthusiasts and actors and anyone else who thinks it's interesting

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Best Musical Theatre Audition Songs for Character Actors

Best Musical Theatre Audition Songs for Character Actors, definitely something for me. I am learning to truly embrace my strength as a character actress

9 Things You Should Be Doing to Become a Better On Screen Actor

Here are the differences between theater acting and on screen acting and 5 things you should be doing.

"Backstage Badger" | quickmeme »

That’s the scary thing about theatre—it doesn’t live on. But that’s actually the most beautiful thing about it, too. That’s why it’s more beautiful than film and certainly more beautiful than television, because it̵ Backstage Badger

Acting+for+Beginners+Guide is+a+completely+FREE,+extensive+online+book+guide+on+the+pursuit+of+acting+career+that+will+help+budding artists to+begin+their+journey+towards becoming+successful+and+working+actors+in+the+entertainment+business+in+L

Acting for Beginners Guide is a completely FREE, extensive online book guide on the pursuit of acting career that will help budding artists to begin their journey towards becoming successful and working actors in the entertainment business in L