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Kagehina. Anyone know what episode this is from?

lmaooo hinata looks like he just realized how hot 🔥 kageyama is

If ukais the grandpa then ennoshita is the reliable older brother

Ukai is like the grandfa who will let you get away with stuff as long as the parents aren't around. Your grandfa is proud of you tsukki.

Kageyama Tobio, Haikyuu, Otaku, Akatsuki, Holi, Naruto

I capitani

Akaashi is so done with bokuto / suga is happy video taping/ Iwaizumi will soon pulverize oikawa & kenma has just died !

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When you can't control your face| #haikyuu| Hinata, Daichi, Kageyama, Iwaizumi & Tanaka

Hinata Shoyou, Daichi Sawamura, Kageyama Tobio, Iwazumi Hajime, and Tanaka Ryuunosuke