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grey-ink-floral-tattoo-on-chest.JPG (400×426)

grey-ink-floral-tattoo-on-chest.JPG (400×426)

Having black and white tattoos for My kids too color in :) very cool

Papás que están creando una infancia genial para sus hijos

"all my tattoos will be black and white so that my kids will always have a coloring book" so legit. I would NEVER get this many but i definitely am a BNW guy. And the whole kid thing is awesome.

keep calm and get tattooed.

Keep Calm: i poster alternativi

keep calm and get tattooed. Pretty much the motto for the rest of my life!

Mandala Tattoo designs Kevin Patrick Dickson

Mandala represents the universe. Used as a spiritual teaching tool, establishes a sacred place, an aid for meditation, indicates a profound rebalancing process is underway in the psyche resulting in a more complex and better integraded personality.

My favorite Sheriff Joe quote when he told all the inmates who were complaining of the heat in the tents: "It's between 120 to 130 degrees in Iraq and our soldiers are living in tents there too, and they have to walk all day in that sun, wearing full battle gear and getting shot at, and THEY have not committed any crimes, so shut your damned mouths!"

Way to go Joe! These prisoners aren’t living a life of luxury! But providing a viable service thanks to Sheriff Joe, running an animal shelter in Arizona.

Alice Meets Starry Starry Night back/shoulder tattoo

Tim Burton inspired Starry Night/ Alice in Wonderland tattoo. Want this with the Cheshire cat grin.

Nice sleeve

Biggest Tatto Gallery - Full sleeve tattoo - 95 Awesome Examples of Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now


Coffee tattoos that are inspiring us here at WWW.COM, where you can get delicious rich, smooth, double strength coffee beans! Grab a bag today and get inspired!

Výsledek obrázku pro cat pumpkin tattoo

Cute Tattoos are so lovely that every one adore these cute Tattoos. Check these cute tattoos and tell us which cutest tattoo you like most.

Tattoo by Sang Noir, in France

DWAM - Tattoo Artist & Suicide Girl Nantes & Paris, FranceI l o v e this

Women with curves and tattoos are awesome, no one wants a stick figure with no creativity. Haha

Rottenecards - Take note: Women with curves and tattoos are awesome. Nobody wants a stick with no creativity.