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Blaming Islam for terrorism is like blaming Christianity for colonialism. End Islamophobia.

Don't stand up for a man that beats you. The only thing that you will get out of it is more bruises and broken body parts.

Many lines (lies) we have used in our own words to keep justifying our husbands abuse

Headcoverings span across time, culture, and place.  Though many associate them exclusively with one group or another, the truth is that there are many, many ladies from all traditions who choose to wear them!

From Sociological Images: In fact, head covering is a form of religious garb in many sub-cultures. Some of these subcultures require head covering all of the time, and others only during religious rituals.

We are anything but civilized

A civilization that spends more money on war than on education & peace is anything but civilized. Why is there always Plenty of Money for Wars but not enough for Health, Education & Social Security ?

Religious Myth #7:   America Is One Nation Under God

Religious Myth America Is One Nation Under God >>> "Under God" was added during the Cold War. The Cold War is gone. Let's get rid of the myth that this is a Christian nation as well. Let's be "One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Shocking statistics on the child sex trade in America.

Slavery of all kinds has gone on for years. Child Sex Trafficking In America- Children forced to have sex times per day. Of course pornography is what has created the demand for so many child sex slaves.

http://www.islamic-dictionary.com/index.php?word=mashallah  enlightened by Sofia about her Islam religion and learning words from her. And her culture.

Arabic Pleasantaries for Dummies - Not sure what Masha allah, insha allah and a host of other words mean? This post is for you.

Wow. Just brilliant, awe-inspiring. Thank you to this person, for possibly changing someone's mind, and for definitely being awesome.

"I hate Muslims". I really hate it down to my gut when someone is so racist. Terrorists are bad, yes. But not every Muslim is a terrorist! I've not dated guys or been friends with certain people because they said ignorant, racist shit like that.