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Spot on, and it makes it better because this is one kf my fav songs!!

Fangirls: happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time

This makes me sad to think about when supernatural will broadcast their last episode, or when Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles upload that last video of them...... When the day comes that we don't look up to J2, that is the day we will fall.

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This is wonderful! I don't think it's being there from the beginning that makes you a fan, it's being there until the end! I am just getting into the best fandoms ever and honestly, I haven't been there from the beginning but I'll be here until the end!

Fangirling contract. (NOTE: All girls who love Leo [hey, he's Hot Stuff. Get it? Hehehe] I would recommend either getting over him or moving to a different galaxy where you'll be safe. Just a note.)

Fangirl contract how perfect is this contract? I happily honor it and am proud to say I have "made friends with other fangirls.Finally, I promise to love my fellow fangirls, because they are the only ones who understand me." love you D.

Omg I saw this a while back and thought it was funny but then I read the hunger games and now I love it

It's funny because my friends' phones are always at like at the end of a school day whereas mine is at like (on a good day) and I tell them they need to get a life even though I waste my battery reading manga and fanfictions XD

When I discover a man as perfectly eloquent and articulate as Tom Hiddleston, I can't help but be rendered speechless and verbally clumsy in comparison! ;^D

lllll Fangirl Problems: lllll We have a hard time completing sentences. I can't." "I can't even.

You are so happy that someone actually got it.

yeah it rarely happens though. cause these public people don't know the fandom ways that we do.

Hahaha @Madison Corwin I won't ever talk about Hugh like that again I Promise

Someone said 'I hate supernatural and I leaned over to my friend and said' can I shoot her?' And she said 'not in public' BEST FRIEND MOMENT

Well ... somehow I'm all of this xD

Omg yes yelling at your computer screen while watching doctor who or slamming the book down in anger (Harry potter).