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Fairy Tail is my favorite anime now but I like others too.

When people usually ask Otakus what their favourite anime is . they cant answer. When they ask me (Even though I am an otaku" "Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Fairy Tail .

Definitely gonna draw that last one

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when i saw zancrow i thought he is eather a HUGE goku fan or just gokus real son. sorry gohaun you are kicked out of dbz

Frozen x Fairy tail AU

Yasss Frozen version of Fairy Tail (frozen was the first thing that popped in mah head when I met gray)


I´m hearing the Ost: Fiore oukoku and is just. I love it because is the first thing that you heared in the first episode of Fairy Tail

A panel from page 18 of Fairy Tail Chapter NO#265 Colored using my line-art. You can get the line-art here:

Read Fairy Tail Chapter 266 Online - Fairy Tail 266 free and high quality.

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