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Read The Exam from the story What's Her Quirk? fpv, firstpersonview, It was the day of the entrance exam into U.

Crimson Avenger <3<3<3<3

absurdres artist request bodysuit breasts crimson avenger (elsword) elbow gloves elesis (elsword) elsword full body gloves highres long hair no bra panties pantyhose red eyes red hair simple background skin tight small breasts solo standing sword thi


arm strap back bangs bare shoulders black gloves black legwear blunt bangs bow bracelet breasts choker cowboy shot crimson avenger (elsword) elbow gloves elesis (elsword) elsword from side gloves hair bow highres jewelry long hair looking at viewer l

Sabrina and Grell are twins. You all know Undertaker(if you've watched the anime). But Sabrina lives in the future human world.