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HA! MBTI stereotypes. INTJ 50% standoffish, 50% right all the time, 100% better than you.

Honest MBTI Stereotypes Mine, ISFJ: Always nice enough to be suspicious and more loyal than all your pets combined. LOL As an INTP, it's pretty true xD

XNTP: When I first read this, I think the "sarcastic" threw me off a bit. I'm not a fan of sarcasm when it's something serious (sarcasm is greatly fun when it's not serious to either party. It's passive-aggressiveness if it is a serious matter). Introverts tend to be more passive-aggressive than extraverts. So an INTP would hit sarcasm before an ENTP, usually. But both are operating on Ne "what are the possibilities" and Ti "why". So if someone says something that seems a bit off, we…

All spot-on, except that my step 1 is that I /stop/ asking "why", stop asking for clarification to understand your underlying reasons - or, I suppose, it could be a prelude to step 2 as described here.

INTP strengths. Except I know I'm not the very last one on the list. Most people I know in real life don't like me. Same with most internet people...D:

Developing INTP Strengths -- I want to focus more on developing strengths than eradicating flaws, because I think strengths and flaws are inversely proportional.

Pretty much exactly how I am.

MBTI - students - INFJ seems accurate, but I find I respect the teacher, but sometimes question them

I found this so interesting. It's pretty dead on most of the personalities I know.

It's pretty dead on most of the personalities I know. <<<<I'm entj and this is so accurate! Also the infp one lines up perfectly with my experience, they can be jerks

This is terrifyingly true. I often pride myself (and sometimes brag) on my abilities to lie, act, and steal (I'm brilliant at lying and acting and I can be pretty good at stealing, but I'm not quite there), but I truly value honesty in others.

< I'm the biggest manipulator that could ever be BUT I hate people who'd be dishonest with me.

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INTP parents are notable for their exceptional patience. They tend to treat…