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lord please help these basic bitches - Google Search

Snow White and the Asian Pear: Skincare Discovery: Why the pH of Your Cleanser Matters

Hahaha @sarabia2008 ⭐

Someone from Center Line posted a whisper, which reads "Lord.please give me patience, because if you give me strength,I may just beat a bitch to death.

She tried to take my place but that didn't work out the way she wanted! Nice try cunt!!!

LOL but it still tries ever so hard ~ copy ~ copy ~ fake ~ fake ~ silly lil bitch

Jealous of what??? I don't see a damn thing except bull shit YOU post on pinterest. GTFO. I mos def want a man that denies loving me and the fact that I was pregnant...and was emotionally cheating during my 'dark moment'.. Yes yes..definitely relationship goals!! #morethanafewscrewsloose

Bahahaha when a bitch makes up stories about tour man must still be fantasizing about his house call to the ghetto lol

Barbie Bitch, the sarcasm is strong with this one. Lol ;D LO

👑TheMemeQueen👑(@princessdiana1209) - Instagram photos and videos

Olivia Kendall Parody

Instagram Post by Olivia Kendall Parody (@oliviabosschick)

You have nothing special NO ONE IS JEALOUS OF YOU OR WANTS TO BE YOU!! Literally, nobody.

Lmfao your haters are imaginary no one wants to be you I promise

Not lol,  I choose me!

Bring up that amount of IQ points to drop, the amount of men slept with, and make sure we stress a clown on crack.

I told that bitch I'd save her a seat in hell.....Not at our table.

ecard - I told that bitch I'd save her a seat in hell. Not at our table.