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МК по вязанию шапки-шлема для девочки | Страна Мастеров


МК по вязанию шапки-шлема для девочки | Страна Мастеров

Waldorf inspired winter and snow hat. Hand knitted hoodie / balaclava hat for baby, toddler, child. Made from 100% purple merino wool. Soft and very functional - perfect to keep the little ones warm and cozy during cold days. OPTIONAL: cotton lining for extra warmth. However, the hats are really soft and warm as they are - lining might be necessary only for freezing cold weather if there is no other hood to put on. Price 12$ Moms that favor hoodie hats like them because they are: * fas...

to 84 st to 68 st at face opening Merino Wool Balaclava Hat Baby/ Toddler/ Children by NesyBaby

Снуд-шарф "Прикосновение любимого"


Вязание спицами шапочки для новорожденного

Вязание спицами детям

The instructions are in Russian but I might be able to finagle my own version given the dimensions.

Классические пинетки - Вязанки.РУ - Все о вязании

Вязание детям



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