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Obama: ¿Solo “moralista y discutidor”? | Apuntes de La Excepción

Obama: ¿Solo “moralista y discutidor”?

Obama: ¿Solo “moralista y discutidor”? | Apuntes de La Excepción

Democrat Party's goal is for everyone to be dependent on the government. You would have to be less educated to think they actually care about you? Here's your pittance, vote for me so I can fill my personal coffers.

It's hard to start a revolution for change when you don't have enough food to eat. And notice which party (*cough* Retard-icans) are working really, really hard to keep wages low, schools underfunded, and anti-poverty programs cut.

Robert Reich Endorses Bernie Sanders, despite knowing Hillary since age 19, or just perhaps BECAUSE of that fact

Economist Robert Reich debunks three key myths the GOP and Tories have been telling us.

They can take him back into their hole of hate. But he shouldn't be able to run our lives like this

You worthless piece of racist shit. Someone who loves this country should shoot Trump and Pence in their bigoted, ugly fucking faces.

I love Ann Richards!

Trump's Texas: Where the Republican Party Will Soon Become an Elephant Graveyard

Now that we know how he REALLY feels I am more opposed to him than before. And I came as close to hating him before as I ever have any human being ever.

But the intensity at which I despise Drumpf and those who refuse to see the mental illness in this man.