Rasta Lion from @Evelyn Alarcon, a fantastic pinner somewhere in Mexico - Check out her board {Inspire Me}! So, well, you know, INSPIRING!

This is a very unique photo which has been edited by putting on a lions head onto a man's body which unusual hair(dreadlocks) and could be used in my AS Graphics book.

Vintage Surrealist Collages by Eugenia Loli | The Dancing Rest http://thedancingrest.com/2014/11/07/vintage-surrealist-collages-by-eugenia-loli | via Chiara

Newborn by Eugenia Loli art newborn nursery nurse in white cap, rocking chair bottle feeds baby octopus,

old man with cane and crows

This post features 30 amazing artworks of Surreal photo manipulation which portray the imagination of the designers. As with any Surreal photo, these

"As pessoas pensam que  estar sozinho faz de você  um solitário. Estar rodeado por pessoas  erradas.é a coisa mais  solitária do mundo."

Tudo é possível!

Surreal Digital Illustrations by Tebe Interesno. party on the moon! bring your dinosaurs

eye photo manipulation retouching

25 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations and Retouching works by Michael Oswald

Soul Searching by Michael O. This painting made me stop to think about soul searching. I love the original idea of the person looking in at her own soul.

artcomesfirst:     “jazz” by mr.apichella

This image makes me very happy. I love music, especially jazz. The flowers and colors remind me of the different moods I get when I listen to music. To me, this picture says life is jazzy, I'm doing just fine.

Photographie & montage. Tony Palladino. #jesuisunebûche http://www.tonypalladino.com/

Proyecto “The Green Line” de Daniel Gordon Problem Painting de Urs Fischer Tony Palladino, 1968 Rocio Montoya Julia Geiser Sammy Slabinnick Historic Problem de Urs Fischer

Love the mixed media and surrealism. But there's a goo message behind this one

Millennialzz Reaction to Discipline: Call and pop 2 Prozacs. (will work part time occasionally pending the riot or protest.

Ginástica de mães

by Gerard Harten gertha the amazing juggling babies performer, roll up circus…