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They always say that insanity is a bad thing but it isn't


What is the best anime fight in your opinion ? Mine is definitely ichigo (hollow form) vs ulquiorra second transformation ^_^

Bleach - Unohana Retsu & Zaraki Kenpachi

Bleach - Unohana Retsu & Zaraki Kenpachi A big reason as to why I dislike this series. It seemed rather pointless for her to die just because of that.

Télécharger fonds d'écran Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, les personnages de l'anime, du manga, de l'eau de Javel

HD Wallpaper and background photos of GRIMMJOW for fans of Bleach Anime images.

Renji Abarai, Bleach Characters, Bleach Anime


You know, because watching stuff like this is way cooler than watching real people, lol


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