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Pinturas paleolíticas más antiguas de Europa    Imagen del Panel de Manos de la cueva El Castillo, en Altamira (Cantabria). Una pintura que parece tener más de 40.800 años de antigüedad, convirtiéndose en una de las pinturas de arte rupestre paleolítico más antiguas de Europa. (GTRES).

El Castillo Cave, Cantabria, Spain - the smudged, red disk below the hand stencils is the oldest cave art yet dated at years old and might have been created by Neanderthals. by Pedro Saura

Grotte de Chauvet - Chauvet Cave

One of the three red cave bears close to the ancient entrance of Chauvet Cave in southern France. Photo by Jean Clottes.

Cave painting Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria

Artist: Unknown Date: Unknown Name of piece: Cave Painting Prehistoric Art Tassili N'Ajjer, Algeria Why its cool: It shows man and dinosaurs co-existing together as one which is pretty freaking cool.

Parque Serra das Capivaras, Estado de Piaui (Brasil).

Viva, polémica sobre primeros humanos de América

Image provided by the Museum of the American Man Foundation shows cave art in a cavern at Serra da Capivara National Park in Brazil

Inanke Cave, Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe, 8000-3000 B.C. This cave is one of hundreds painted by the San people, aka Bushmen.

Inanke Cave, Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe, B. This cave is one of hundreds painted by the San people, aka Bushmen.

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Oldest Cave Paintings Across The World

Chauvet France Cave Paintings Gallery Discovered on December it is considered one of the most significant prehistoric art sites. A study published in 2012 supports placing the art in the Aurignacian period, approximately years ago.

Bovinos, Le Fourneau du Diable, França.

Bovinos, Le Fourneau du Diable, França.

"Tadrart Acacus mountain range, located in the Sahara Desert, is renowned for its rock art that dates as far back 12,000 BC. The paintings are particularly interesting because they demonstrate that the area used to have a much wetter climate, due to the paintings of lakes and forests." - photo from Wikipedia, via heritagedaily

Ancient Libyan Rock Art Painting found in Tadart Acacus in the Sahara Desert.

Prehistoric cave art. Cave paintings, and stone figurines-geoglyphs, megaliths, and petroglyphs.

Inspiration for my next cave painting: 'Bison' painted in Altamira Caves, France.

Altamira Spain, about 35,000 BCE. Shapeshifter The most common form of shapeshifting myths is that of therianthropy, which is the transformation of a human being into an animal or conversely, of an animal into human form. Legends allow for transformations into plants and objects, and the assumption of another human countenance (e.g. fair to ugly).

The Altamira cave paintings

The Caves of Altamira caves Spanish are famous for their rock paintings of the Upper Paleolithic depicting wild mammals and human hands.

Préhistoire:grotte Chauvet

Don't look back in anger! artist created drawing of owl looking backwards

giving birth petraglyph

Detail of the Birthing Rock

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Like a Petroglyph

Paleolithic paintings in El Castillo cave in Northern Spain date back at least 40,800 years -- making them Europe's oldest known cave art, according to new research. Scientists found that the practice of cave art in Europe began up to 10,000 years earlier than previously thought, indicating the paintings were created either by the first anatomically modern humans in Europe or, perhaps, by Neanderthals.

Uranium-series dating reveals Iberian paintings are Europe's oldest cave art

Far view - Panel de las Manos

Cave of Swimmers, Egypt- 10,000 years old.Inspired the movie The English Patient

Rahala Club: Cave of Swimmers - Egypt

Ciervo en la Cueva de Las Chimeneas, Puente Viesgo  #Cantabria #Spain

Information on The Altamira caves and Palaeolithic rock art in northern Spain in Santillana del Mar, Cantabria. Opening times and ticket prices on the official portal for culture in Spain.